JULY 21-23, 2017



     Download Brochure Here!  BandFest 2017

 VENUE …BANDFEST will be held in it’s entirety at the


Pre registration is very helpful to us for assembling the music folders ahead of time. Register by July 1, 2017!   Looking forward to seeing everyone!   ♫♫♫


27 thoughts on “BandFest!

  1. Is there a form you need filled out for Registration? Also when you click on where you can download the brochure nothing happens. Thanks Perla

    • Hi Perla Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. You can just email me your registration info, name, instrument, #of dinner guests etc. I have someone working on the form..hopefully will be posted soon 🙂

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  3. I play in the Second Chances Band Halifax and play Bass Clarinet and would like to play in the Champlain Band again this year.
    Heather Kirby

  4. Bob Warren Please register me for the Champlain Band – Trumpet.
    I will fill registration form when it is available.

  5. Hi, I’ve just sent my registration to attend the Bandfest on the weekend of the 16th July. I will be playing Baritone or Euphonium in TREBLE clef. I may choose to bring a valve trombone to try but play the Baritone treble clef parts. Thank you. Look forward to the weekend. I am presently playing with the 8 Wing Band in CFB Trenton and the Trenton Citizens Band. I have attended the Bandfest two years but missed last year. Cheers, René

  6. I’m very sorry that I didn’t register earlier but I wasn’t exacly sure how to. But if it’s too late then that’s ok, anyways I play the alto sax and I’m a student from DRHS.

  7. I’ll be in the area mid-to-end of July/2017 and would like to participate. I can bring either an EEb Tuba or a Euphonium (I read T.C.) depending on the space available in the car. I currently play with the London Concert Band (Euphonium) and Encore – the Concert Band (Tuba & Euphonium) also in London ON. Please send me complete details and I’ll register as soon as we have finalized our plans. Looking forward to making new friends!

    • Fantastic Richard. Looking forward to meeting you. Our brochure should be available very soon on the website. See you in July.

  8. Hi Jolene—count me in on French horn.—-Kathy Ross from 4 seasons orchestra and valley community concert band.

  9. I’d like to register for Champlain band
    For the dinner, I can’t eat gluten or cow milk products
    Is there any billeting with players in Annapolis? Thanks

  10. Hi There! My wife and I happened to be in the area and saw an advertisement for band fest 2017. I know it’s really late, but could you use another trumpet player, and an exhilarate percussionist in the advanced band? Let me know, we be happy to extend our stay in and Annapolis. We’re from Toronto on holidays here…:)

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