5 thoughts on “BandFest 2023”

  1. Hi Jolene
    René here from Batawa Ont. Spoke to Rodrigue my brother in Weymouth and I think he will ne attending Bandfest this summer. I too would be interested in attending.
    I play (treble clef) Baritone. I attended years ago before COVID. I play with Trenton Citizens Band, Brighton Community Band and 8Wing Military Band; I also sing in the Quinte West Senior Glee Club.
    I will watch for the registration form.
    René LeFort.

    1. Hi Rene! Thank you for reaching out. The registration form is on the website now. Looking forward to seeing you in July!

  2. Good morning! I am new to Nova Scotia. I play clarinet with the Sackville Band, Glass Winds and the Halifax Concert Band. Some of my friends in the Halifax Concert Band have invited me to stay with them during BandFest. How do I register for the festival? Thanks very much!

    1. Hi Kate, you will be able to register online. The registration form is in the process of being updated. We had a glitch happen. Looking forward to meeting you.

      1. Hi Jolene and ABCB! Nellie here. Kings Community Concert Band, based in Greenwich, Kings County. I would like to register too for Band Fest this year. I play 1st Flute. Can you tell me when the Registration Form will be on your website.? A number of my friends will be going to Band Fest this year, and they want to register too.

        Thanks Jolene! from Nellie Garvey.

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